“I believe that an artist is nothing other than the RECEPTACLE OF GRACE, the tool of a HIGHER FORCE – a force not found outside of oneself but which GOVERNS FROM WITHIN and COMPELS US TO SERVE.”

Alfred Wolfsohn

Alli Caw is the human behind Sonic Starlight. She is a singer, song-weaver, sound & energy healer, performing artist, writer and facilitator, offering experiences of self-expression for spiritual healing and self-actualization. A song bird and vocal chameleon, Alli’s vocal and spiritual practice is surrender – to give way for the divine, creative impulse so that our dynamic and luminous natures can shine.  At the heart of all her offerings, Alli wishes to nourish within you a sense of safety and easeful being, so that your innate inclination for healing, growth and evolution can emerge.

Through the Sonic Apothecary, Alli creates and offers music and sound healing from the human voice. The online shop offers both custom made songs for personalized sound healing (COMING SOON!) as well as downloadable song medicine made for the benefit of all. Through these sacred “sonic containers”, Alli hopes to offer you sacred space in which you may devote yourself to your personal growth and healing.

Alli offers one-on-one therapeutic voice sessions, in which the voice is explored as a “muscle of the soul” and a resource for self-actualization, psychological healing and soul expansion. She also offers private sessions in Reiki + Song Healing, combining energy and sound treatments to soothe the nervous system for deep relaxation and recovery. For groups, Alli facilitates workshops in voice, movement, play and presence to promote personal awakening and soul expansion through self-expression.


“___”: An Opera Photo Credit: Siena Pinney

Alli Caw earned an MFA from Naropa University in Contemporary Performance and a BFA in Musical Theatre from University of the Arts. She is a 2nd Degree Reiki practitioner in the Usui Tradition. She is a certified teacher of Williamson Technique (Level 1), a movement approach that seeks to release emotional blocks in order to be in greater connection with the life within and around you.

The Wild Party at the Denver Center – Photo Credit: Adams VisCom

She has worked professionally as a singer/performer with nationally recognized companies such as the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and New Paradise Laboratories. The expressive and contemplative pedagogies she primarily draws upon in her offerings are: Roy Hart vocal approach, Body-Mind Centering, Williamson Technique, Viewpoints, Developmental Movement, Reiki, somatic movement, vocal improvisation, meditation and presence practices.


I’ve spent most of my life training and working professionally as a theatre artist. For over 19 years I studied voice, movement and acting, training my body to be a vessel for artistic expression. Initially I was immersed in the traditional, musical theatre world. I had the dream of going to Broadway. But as I grew older, I began to feel objectified and creatively stifled by the traditional theater world.

Symptoms of Lunar Influence – Photo Credit: Scott Strohmeiem

I especially felt objectified as a singer. All of my vocal training focused on creating sounds that were aesthetically pleasing according to cultural norms and standards. My voice had become an object to please others. I was coached again and again to assimilate my sounds into one recognizable voice. But I loved that my voice was a chameleon, that it could transform and transcend traditional expectations of human sound. I wanted to explore into the mysteries of the human voice. All the teachings I encountered told me how the voice works, the mechanics of it inside the body, but no one could say where the voice comes from or how it’s related to who I am as a person – and that was the juice I was interested in.

So I then began to explore the experimental side of the performing arts. I began learning experiential, somatic and contemplative techniques very similar to what I see many spiritual teachers offer today. Practices geared towards vocal, physical and emotional embodiment, that cultivate presence and deep inter-personal connections. I encountered techniques that trained in emotional and energetic alchemy and facilitated the transmutation of self-limiting vocal, physical, and mental belief systems and cultural conditioning.

“___”: An Opera Photo Credit: Siena Pinney

These experiences changed everything for me and I began seeing performance through a whole new healing lens. I attended graduate school where I experimented with self-expression as a vehicle for self-actualization, and spiritual awakening. These studies were the catalyst for my spiritual awakening. After graduating, a series of severe mental and emotional trauma and physical injuries took me out of life for a couple of years. It was during this time, that I began to apply my performance practices to support my own healing and awakening process.

A huge part of my healing process came through the awakening of my voice. In graduate school I encountered a vocal approach called Roy Hart that explores the voice as an expression of the soul/psyche. Through this work I went through a long process of unlearning years of conditioned vocal training. Slowly but surely I learned to relinquished control over my voice and surrender to the sounds of my soul.

I experienced my voice as a channel for the divine and that my ego has nothing to do with it. I learned to let the voice lead and that when you do magical things occur. I reclaimed my personal power and met my authentic self through my unadulterated sound and released a lot of mental/emotional conditioning that had become tied up in the voice. By exploring my voice as a living being in its own right, I uncovered my soul gift and life purpose.

Now I sing the wild soul spirituals of the human heart. I nourish deep healing and feeling through vibration and medicinal melodies. I awaken the soul voice in any and all who seek it. I vibrate more loving consciousness into the world. I support others in unlocking and freeing their soul’s voice.

Now I offer these gifts for the best and highest good of our collective healing, awakening and evolving. Thank you for being here. I love you.