My name is Allison Caw and I am the human behind Sonic Starlight. Sonic Starlight comes from my spirit name, Starlight, and my divine purpose: to be a channel for conscious awakening and radical transformation through song and vocal play. I have over 19 years of voice and performance training, during which I studied the innately therapeutic, alchemical and empowering practices I utilize in my healing offerings today.

A songbird and vocal chameleon, I have been singing all my life. I studied, experimented and performed in many vocal techniques and styles ranging from classical to rock to musical theatre. Eventually a deeply curious and child-like wonder compelled me to explore the human voice as a divine vessel not just for artistic expression, but also for healing and conscious evolution. During my spiritual awakening I began to apply my performance and vocal trainings through this healing lens and experienced first hand their metamorphic powers. It was then that I awoke to and initiated myself as a song, voice and energy healer.

From my home in Denver I run an online shop called Sonic Apothecary, where I offer song medicine from the human voice. I create personalized, custom made songs for individuals as well as music and meditations for the greater collective. These songs are entirely made through the layering of my voice. They are created to be sacred, sonic containers within which one can devote themselves to personal growth, healing, and metamorphosis. I also offer private sessions in Reiki & Vocal Empowerment as well as workshops, performances and spiritual guidance that seek to support your inherent abilities for self-actualization.

This is my greatest aspiration in all my offerings to you. To create and hold sacred, safe space in which your innate inclination for healing and personal metamorphosis can emerge. Each of us has within us an alchemical power to transform. It is the most natural thing for us, the yearning for growth. All we have to do is devote space and time in which our evolutionary impulse can take hold and work its magic. That’s where I hope to support you. I’ll hold the space, while you unfold yourself.


Allison Caw earned an MFA from Naropa University in Contemporary Performance and a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of the Arts. She is a 2nd Degree Reiki practitioner in the Usui Tradition and is currently walking towards being initiated in the Bacsi Shamanic Lineage. She is a certified teacher of Williamson Technique (level 1), a movement approach that seeks to release emotional blocks and defense mechanisms in order to be in greater connection with the life within and around you. She has worked professionally as a singer/performer with nationally recognized companies such as the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and New Paradise Laboratories. The expressive and contemplative pedagogies she primarily draws upon in her offerings are: Roy Hart vocal approach, Body-Mind Centering, Williamson Technique, Viewpoints, Developmental Movement, Reiki, somatic movement, vocal improvisation, meditation and presence practices.