Sonic Self-Care



Support your self-care ritual, spiritual practice or sacred ceremony through personalized songs and meditations. Each of us holds the key for our own growth and healing. All we have to do is create space and time in which it can emerge. These sonic containers hold loving, safe space for you in which to grow, heal, awaken and transform. These offerings are sonic seeds, sowing habits of self-love and nourishment within you.

Whether you are ordering for yourself, a friend, a family member or a beloved, these creations are custom made and home grown. Each recording is created based on the intentions and aspirations provided in your Sonic Questionnaire (see below). By connecting with Reiki and my guides, I channel these creations directly from Spirit, especially for your best and highest good. All offerings are blessed with Reiki and vibrationally imbued with loving-kindness and presence.


(Rates are based on a $30 hourly rate and the time it takes to create each offering.)


Imbued with your intentions and blessed with Reiki these songs are channeled for you and you alone. It’s your very own song bath.  A single track melody with female vocals, 5-10 minutes in length. Can include lyrics of specific mantras or affirmations. Perfect for your everyday self-care ritual or a special ceremony or initiation. Take these healing vibrations and enjoy them whenever and wherever.

Check out the sonic sample below.


Two personalized guided meditations; one 5 mins for on-the-go, one 15+ mins for spacious being. Custom made and themed to support your specific meditation needs and aspirations, these offerings are like having your own meditation instructor wherever you go. Blessed with Reiki and channeled directly from Spirit, these meditations are made for you and you alone. Whether you’re a beginner looking for initial guidance or a long-time meditator longing to go deeper these meditations meet you wherever you are on your journey.

Enjoy the sonic sample below.


Perfect for babies, toddlers, kids and/or your inner child. These aren’t your typical pre-made, add your name, kid songs. These creations are custom made especially for your little one and there’ll be no other song out there quite like it. Great for birthdays or special events these little ditty’s are meant to incite joy and self-celebration. They can also be made for adults seeking to activate and nurture their inner child. Can include specific mantras, affirmations or even the name of the intended little one. Multi-track song with layered female vocals, 2 – 3 minutes in length. 

I made the following sonic sample for my niece and nephew, Tripp & Gracie.


Custom made with layered female vocals, these loving lullaby’s are perfect for soothing, calming and grounding. Imbued with Reiki healing and your highest intentions, these songs are one of a kind, made especially for your little one. By connecting with Reiki and my guides I channel these lullaby’s directly from Spirit for your best and highest good. Multi-track recording with layered female vocals, 5 mins in length. Simple DIY mixing. Can include lyrics with specific mantras, affirmations or blessings.

*Sample coming soon*


Imbued with your intentions and blessed with Reiki these sacred soundscapes are made for you and you alone. A song bath for your soul. A sonic container specialized for your daily self care ritual, special ceremony or deep soul diving. A sound healing session whenever and wherever you like. These soundscapes create a safe supportive space for you in whatever way you choose to use them. Great for calming, soothing, uplifting, grounding, or focusing in the midst of turbulent emotions. Also perfect for adults and little ones alike who struggle falling asleep. Multi-track atmospheric song made with layered female vocals between 15 – 20 minutes in length.

 Luxuriate in the sonic sample below.


The ultimate sonic self-care package. Receive 4 personalized and custom made recordings, blessed with Reiki and imbued with your intentions and affirmations. 4 recordings include: Sacred Soundscape (15+ mins), On-the-Go Meditation (5 mins), Spacious Meditation (15+ mins), and the Spacious Meditation with Soundscape for multiple listening options. See above for details about each recording and sonic samples.


Want to commission a song for your theatrical production, dance, film, web-series or other creative project? I love to collaborate. Contact me below, together we’ll make magic. Check out these sonic samples I created for the theatrical performance: Sanctuary|Santuario



To purchase, fill out and submit the Sonic Questionnaire below. You will receive an email response within 2 days confirming your purchase. Email confirmations will provide a PayPal link for Allison Caw with which you can make a payment (link also below). Purchases are received by email via Dropbox.



These custom creations can take anywhere between 2 days – 1 week, based on current demand. Along with your purchase confirmation you will receive a deadline for when your gift shall arrive.


Contact me via the contact page and I will be happy to answer.